P26B Manual CHOKE Carbs with SOLENOID fits for 185F Yamaha generator EF4600 auto voltage regulator avr engine parts

Model No.
1)suitable for gasoline engine : 152F/154F/168F/170F/188F/190F/2600
2)suitable for generator : 2KW/2.8KW/5KW
3)Brand : YMJP Jiapan brand
4)Fits YAMAHA MODEL EF5200DECA, EF5200DEC, EF5200DEY, EF5200DEH, EF6600DE, EF6600DEC, EF6600DECA,EF6600DE, EF6600DEH, YG6600DEC, YG6600DEH, YG6600DEY, YG6600DEF

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