Offer you high performance Chinese Factory Thermostats,Superior corrosion resistance from our bi-metal marine grade stainless steel and brass designs…Our cooperated supplier specializes in manufacturing thermostats for motor vehicles, trucks, tractors, machines and appliances. we manufacture over 200 different types of thermostats.

Why Choose us?

Our thermostats can be trusted as:

• Our design is strength tested by a special research stand.
• All sensors go through opening temperature control.
• We use exclusively certified design materials.
• Thermostats for engines working under high pressure are made of stainless high-strength steel.
• We use highest quality wax and purifying substances in sensors manufacture.
• We always use vulcanized valves when flow profaneness is required. A vulcanized valve prevents the rubber from sliding down in the use thus blocking the flow.
• Thermostats are accompanied with high quality rubber gaskets that are oil and elevated temperature resistant.
• We widely use vent valves protecting against negative pressure in the cooling system in our thermostats.
• To avoid unnecessary costs we propose exchangeable inserts for thermostats having dis mountable casings.
• We offer a wide range of thermostats for motor vehicles, trucks and tractors.

Choosing Our thermostat you take care
of the engine strength and economic use of your vehicle.