Quality Assurance

Quality is YAMA JIAPAN Carburetor Co.,Ltd.’s biggest asset in the eyes of our customers. Nothing is more important to JIAPAN than to be the quality leader in the market.

Here below is our quality control testing machines and production machines list for your reference.

Welcome to pay a visit to our factory , Seeing is believing, we will let you satisfied.

No. Name of EquipmentQuantityRemark
1HORIBA Emission Test System2 CARB\EPA\EU
2AVL Emission System1HC、CO、NOX、CO2、O2
31.5KW~37KW Dynamometer12 
4Cold / Hot Test Chamber1 
5Vibration Test Bench1300g
6Comprehensive Flow Test Bench (R&D)1R&D
7Fuel Level Test Bench6 
8Saltspraycorrosion Test Chamber1 
9Jet Flow Test Bench5 
10Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument1 
11Optical Comparator2 
13Roughness Measuring Instrument1 
14Micromotion Mass Flow Meter2 
15ONO ∫okki Volumetric Flowmeter1 
16HORIBA Emission System1 
17Speed, Flow, Temperature, Pressure Acquisition Analyzer1 
18MAGTROL Engine Test System1 

No.Name of EquipmentManufacturerQty.
1Cold-chamber Die Casting MachineHong Kong10sets
2Machining CenterJapan Brother Co.20 sets
3CNC LatheJapan Citizen Co.20 sets
4Assemble LineJapan China11 sets
5Body Machining LineJapan Sugino7 sets
6Flow Test BenchJapan20 sets
7Jet Test BenchJapan6 sets
8DynamometerUSA  China12 sets
9HORIBA Emission SystemJapan Horiba2 sets
10Analytical BalanceShanghai·China1 set
11Spectroscopic AnalyzerGermany1 set
12Ultrasonic Cleaning MachineChina3 sets
13Salt Spray Test ChamberChina1 set
14Leakage Test MeterJapan1 set
15Assembly Seal Test BenchJapan8 sets
16Universal Tool MicroscopeChina2 sets
17TCN-Spring Torque Test MachineGuilin Ruite1 set
18Electronic Spring Draw-press TesterJinan Jingyi1 set
19Model HRMS-4S Digital Display China1 set
Surface Hardometer
20Thermal Deburring MachineJapan1 set

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