Factory Carburetor for GCV160 HRR216 Engines P18D carburetor 1P64 Engine

Carburetor Specification:
Replaces part#: 16100-Z0L-023 (BB62W C)
Model: for Honda GCV160, GCV160A, GCV160LA
Honda Models:
GCV160 Type (A1A, A2A, A2R, HON, GCT, RAN, N1, N2)
Fits HRB216, HRR216, HRS216, HRT216, HRZ216 & Others!
Replaces part# 16100-Z0L-023 (BB62W C)
Replaces Old Part Numbers: 16100-Z0L-802, 16100-Z0L-804 16100-Z0L-013
Fits Specific Honda GCV160, GCV160A, GCV160LA, GCV160LAO GCV160LE Model Engines
Fits Honda ENGINE GCV160A Type (A1A, A1AE, A1AF, A1AS, A2A, A2R, A3A, BHH, E1A2, E1A4, E1G7, E5A4, EHHB, HON, GCT, RAN, N1A, N1AF, N5A, N5AF, NBL1)
Fits Honda ENGINE GCV160LA Type (A1A, A2R, BHH, E1A2, HON, GCT, RAN, N1A)
Fits Honda ENGINE GCV160LA0 Type (A1A, A2R, BHH, E1A2, HON, GCT, RAN, N1A)
Fits Honda ENGINE GCV160LE Type (A2A9, A4A9, HON, GCT, RAN)
Fits Specific Honda HRB216, HRR216, HRR216K2, HRR216K3, HRR216K4, HRR216K5, HRR216K6, HRR216K7, HRS216, HRS216K1, HRS216K2, HRS216K3, HRS216K4, HRT216, HRT216K, HRT216K2 & HRZ216 Mowers

This Carburetor used one some Gasoline Engines such as Honda  GCV160, Pls Click below PDF down load 

GCV160 Manuals
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Serial Number Application/Fuel Type Language
GJAE-1000001 through 9999999       Download

GJAE-1000001 through 9999999 

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