Boat Engine Impeller 3B2-65021-1 18-8920 500344 for Tohatsu Nissan 6HP 8HP 9.8HP Outboard motor Water Pump factories in china

SIERRA Parts No.:18-8920
CEF Parts No.:500344
OEM Parts No.:
Fitting Engines:Tohatsu Nissan 6HP 8HP 9.8HP Outboard motor


Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard motors :M6B,M8B,M9.8B
Tohatsu 4-stroke outboard motors :MFS8,MFS9.8
Nissan 2-stroke outboard motors: NS8,NS9.8
Nissan 4-stroke outboard motors: NSF8,NSF9.8
Also Fit HIDEA 2-stroke HD9.8F HD8F HF6F
Fits the following models:
Nissan Tohatsu Outboard Motors:
8 hp M8A (2-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp M8B (2-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp MFS8A (4-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp MFS8A2 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp MFS8A3 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp NS8A (2-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp NS8B (2-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp NSF8A (4-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp NSF8A2 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
8 hp NSF8A3 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp M9.8A (2-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp M9.8B (2-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp MFS9.8A (4-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp MFS9.8A2 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp MFS9.8A3 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp MSF9.8A2 (4-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp NS9.8A (2-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp NS9.8B (2-Stroke) Serial # All
9.8 hp NSF9.8A (4-Stroke) Serial # All


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